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Every good story has a discovery. Sometimes you discover your dreams. And sometimes the reasons to chase your dreams find you.

In the early 1980s, the White Dolphin was a young sailor's dream. A three-room stone house on the top of the rocks, high above the sea, where the Mediterranean meets the Aegean Sea; a cozy seafood restaurant among historical olive trees and a slope with sea view. And below, a boat tied to a concrete log in the waves.

It all happened.

That slope that inspired that young sailor to discover his dreams is a hotel that hosts 14 guests in 7 rooms and offers them the warmth and comfort of their homes 24/7. Above all, it is a haven of peace and tranquility where visitors can take a short break from life to discover their dreams and themselves.

When you want to get away from the city, we meet the sunset on the same slope.

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